"Brilliant course I wish more students could experience"-Learning Mentor,Harris Academy,South London

Growing up is tough!

It’s a time filled with questions as we try to figure out our position in society. There are also those pervasive pressures such as exams and relationships. 

Now, consider that:

  • Young people are more likely to do well at GCSEs if they have a greater belief in their own behaviour and actions;
  • Building resilience contributes to healthier behaviours, higher qualifications and skill levels, and a better mental wellbeing
  • Schools and organisations promoting positive emotional wellbeing and resilience can have a positive impact on outcomes such as BMI, tobacco use, and bullying;
  • Early interventions and communication of health issues avoids expensive and longer-term interventions in adulthood. There is, after all, a “compelling moral, social and economic case for change”

(These are findings courtesy of the Public Health England, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Department of Health.)